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Collection: Super Protein Sparkling Water

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Based on 267 reviews
Oh my lawd

I would never have thought that you could put protein into a can let alone carbonate it and make it taste so damn good! Absolute 10/10


Such an awesome product, I’m never going back to normal protein again. Tastes incredible and so convenient!

OMG! Where have you been?

Friend recommended I try and I am now addicted!


Great RTD - Shipping a little slow, But worth the wait

Best Product Yet!!

Very refreshing, great flavour.
Can't wait to try the others.

Super refreshing and tasty!

Loved them all!

The best refreshment for a hot day! 10/10

Highly recommend!


We loved your protein water it's the best


Absolutely refreshing to drink on a hot day
Taste amazing
Highly recommend


This is by far the best tasting fat burner I’ve tried, I take 1 scoop before a workout and stack it with Per4m and the session is always a fun one

Super Protein Water: Strawberry Lime (30 Serves)


So refreshing
Taste amazing specially on a hot day
Definitely makes you feel great

Super Protein Water RTD: Strawberry Lime (12 Pack)

Great flavours sometimes hard to mix all of it but overall worth the $$. Great way to increase water intake with protein as an added bonus.

Super Protein Water: Tropical Crush (30 Serves)

Per4m pre workout

This is the best pre-workout i have ever had. Best taste, best performance. Atleast try a sample and you will know.

Great tasting

As always great product, very refreshing

Great taste and great way to add protein to your day


Customer service

Very pleased with the customer service they were quick to dispatch and offered great help to any issues and I’m pleased to say I’m glad I tried nexus it’s great tasting and getting me my protine intake without that yuk bloating feeling

REVIVED: Adrenal Support
Eleonora Van Gool
Finally able to sleep!

Great product! I take 2-3 tablets half an hour before bed and helps me fall alseep super quick! Makes you wake up well rested and not anxious either. I’m a shift worker and this has really helped me fix my sleep cycle/ anxiety levels.

Nexus Shaker [Gift]
Frosina Cankulovska

Nexus Shaker [Gift]


The taste is quite strong so more water was needed than recommended and needs to be mixed in a blender or protein shaker as it takes a bit to dissolve but overall very yummy

Essential AMMO: Kiwi Strawberry

Sticker Pack: Volume II [Gift]

PER4M Pre-Workout: Grape Xplosion


High-Quality, Clinically Dosed Sports Supplements without Compromising on Taste! Australia Owned & Manufactured - Trusted by THOUSANDS of Aussies! Australian made. Amazing Taste. Gluten Free. Vegan Friendly. Dairy Free. Same Day Dispatch.